learn how to make our delicious Umeshu Highball cocktail at home



Enjoy creating our Umeshu Highball at home - full of umami flavours, tangy plum and bursting finger lime. 


• 60ml Lacto ferment queen garnet plum cordial*
• 45ml Sunday’s Japanese whisky (blended Japanese whisky) 
• 15ml sugar syrup (equal part sugar and water) 
• Top up with soda water (120ml approximately) 




1. Fill the highball glass with ice and add all ingredients.

2. Stir well to combine and enjoy!


* To create the Lacto ferment garnet plum: 

1. Cut the plum into four quarters, remove the seed and muddle gently. Measure the weight of the plum, then add 2% salt of its total weight.

2. Place the plum and salt into an airtight glass jar.

3. Press the mix with some weight on the top, you can use a plastic bag filled with water to gently press the mix.

4. Leave for 5 to 7 days at room temperature in the air tight jar. The more time you leave it, the more the flavours will develop (think tangy and umami).

5. After 5 to 7 days, open the jar gently, strain out the liquid and press the fruit to obtain more juice.

6. Bottle the juice and store in the fridge. The mix lasts for at least one month. 

7. Use the plum flesh for garnish.