Empirical Spirits

New to our drinks list this winter, we are pleased to feature unique spirits from Copenhagen based distillery, Empirical Spirits.


Forged with barley koji and Belgian Saison yeast in a special vacuum at a very low temperature, these special spirits are best served neat on the rocks or with our recommended serving suggestions.


After his first taste of these spirits on a research trip in Copenhagen in 2018, Aria's Head Sommelier Alex Kirkwood has been trying to get his hands on these incredible spirits.


"I had heard a lot about this project but Alessandro served us the Charlene McGee and I was blown away. Something this unique and thought provoking doesn’t come along very often, these were a revelation. I immediately contacted Lars to try to get these into the country for us to play with. At this point he was in initial conversation with a good friend of Aria, Ned Brooks from High Hopes. I was obsessed with getting my hands on them and we are so happy to finally be able to offer these on our menu here at Aria. Lars Williams worked as the head of R&D for Noma for a number of years before setting out to create what he calls a ‘Flavour Company’ and his range of spirits are like nothing else on the market. The story and the level of thought and care that go into his range are just as incredible as the flavour profiles themselves. These spirits have layers of flavour like nothing else in the market and therefore can at times be challenging but in the most engaging way. That’s why we serve them with a range of serving suggestions to highlight the creativity at play here."