Lot X Wine x Murdoch Hill Winery 

Alex Kirkwood, Aria’s Head Sommelier, recently visited Murdoch Hill Winery in Adelaide Hills to collaborate on a special Pinot Noir for our Lot X range.


“This year’s release of Lot X has seen us dive into work with winemakers from all across the country. The Lot X label is designed to showcase wines from regions, growers and producers that capture the current electric landscape of Australian wine.


From the Hilltops region in NSW, Matt Dunne worked with Nick Spencer to deliver Pinot Gris. Down in Barossa Valley, Georgina Larsson helped the team at Tomfoolery blend together Rose made from Grenache whilst Eleonore was down the road at Soul Growers piecing together a Barossa Shiraz. Meanwhile, over in the west, Ben Gould from Blind Corner and I blended together a biodynamic Cabernet out of Margaret River and to finish I shot down to Adelaide Hills to hang out with Michael Downer and craft a blend of subregional Pinot Noir at Murdoch Hill. That story is above.


These producers are some of the very best in the business who are all engaged in the hospitality industry so they understood quickly what we were setting out to achieve for our restaurants and bars across Solotel. We hope you enjoy this year’s release and get into one of our venues to try the wines before they are all gone.” – Alex Kirkwood