Inspired by the desire to provide a tasting experience to all of our guests, we have created a progressive non-alcoholic match for our seasonal menu. Bar manager Gunzan Lama worked with Head Sommelier Alex Kirkwood to create a drinks menu to enjoy alongside executive chef Joel Bickford’s seasonal tasting menu.


"All of the drinks are created with a strictly seasonal focus in a range of different techniques aimed to challenge and elevate their dining experience", says Kirkwood.


“We saw an opportunity to engage our guests that had informed us they weren’t drinking. We really pride ourselves on the level of our wine pairing options and wanted to be able to offer the same experience for our guests to participate in matching their menu. These drinks aren’t the classic mocktails you might find in restaurants, they are tailored to interact individually with each course. We work with a mix of different types of acids, syrups, foams and flavours to play on texture and mouthfeel like we would aim to do with a wine match.” 


Enjoy with our tasting menu this season.