The global concern for our planet’s future is shared by all of us here at Aria and we focus just as strongly on conservation and sustainability as we do on a superb fine-dining experience. From our locally sourced produce and waste-conscious menus, to our commitment to recycling, chemically responsible sanitation and efficient disposal methods, we consider our environmental impact at every turn. 


All of our seafood is sustainably sourced and our meat ethically farmed and hormone-free. We procure our fruit, vegetables and coffee as locally as possible, and have removed all single-use cutlery, including straws, from our venue. We also use E-WATER, which generates simple and sustainable alternatives to harmful packaged chemical cleaners, to further ensure a holistically environmentally-friendly system throughout our restaurant.  


By adhering to these practices and striving to work with suppliers who place as much importance on the environment and ethical function as we do, we are proud to deliver a wholly conscious dining experience from source to table and beyond.