a good friday. a long weekend. and a menu from under the sea. | this event has ended.


Indulge with us this long weekend. Executive Chef Tom Gorringe has curated a long weekend tasting menu that showcases seafood in its finest form. 


Elevate your long weekend with our limited-edition seafood menu, and revel in our dining room’s unparalleled view of the Sydney Opera House.


Reserve your tasting menu with us in advance, or add the spice of spontaneity to your booking with our team on the night of your reservation.

long weekend tasting menu


six-course tasting menu


spencer gulf kingfish • sorrel • cucumber • katsuobushi


scarlett prawns • caviar • potato • cultured cream


coral trout • turnip • leek • vin jaune


tasmanian rock lobster • hand cut pasta • pine mushroom • tarragon


apple • sorrel • yoghurt


chocolate • honeycomb • milk