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Wine Feature • Rippon Winery • Lake Wanaka • Central Otago 


Situated on the shore of Lake Wanaka, Rippon winery is without question one of the most breathtaking vineyards anywhere in the world. Since the first plantings on the family estate in 1975, the Mills family has strived to showcase how special their little patch of dirt is. Now pushing towards a fully self-functioning farm, their practice of biodynamics, wild ferments, dry irrigation and philosophy to leave their dirt better than how they found it, is truly aspirational. There are few people on this planet that will inspire you about terrior and their individual story more than winemaker Nick Mills.

As the lake has receded over time it has exposed intense schist which dominates the soil profile and crafts exceptional Pinot Noir more than worthy of their international acclaim. The quality of this site and the team that work it helps shape the other varieties they have planted, and puts them not just at the top end of New Zealand wineries but mixing it with the very best worldwide.




Beautifully complex in its multi-layered yet fine focused frame. Fantastic use of phenolics and loads of energy and length.  Unique and true to place. 

2017 Rippon Jeunesse Young Vine  140

2016 Rippon Mature Vine  130

2013 Rippon Mature Vine  110

2012 Rippon Mature Vine  165




It is fair to say that this expression of Gamay is unrivalled outside of Beaujolais and even then still regularly shakes the vine of its homeland. This is completely unadulterated, hands-off winemaking and natural in all the right ways. Juicy, savoury, generous and lively somehow all at the same time. Always very impressive and highly drinkable! 

2017 Rippon  165

2015 Rippon  150




Pinot noir 

The farm voice of a distinct parcel of land: Rippon. This wine is from a combination of the mature vines from across the property grown on the deep schist soil. A generous array of deep cherry, plum, savoury tones is wrapped in graphite mineral complexity.   

2016 Rippon Mature Vines  195

2013 Rippon Mature Vines  180

A unique parcel within Rippon, Emma’s Block faces eastward on the lakefront where ancient clay reefs run laterally through fine schist gravels. This site offers immediate attraction and approachability. Displaying lifted floral tones, crunchy fresh red fruits and feels more open knit. Elegance and finesse on offer.  

2013 Rippon Emma's Block  290

2012 Rippon Emma's Block  380

2010 Rippon Emma's Block  360

2009 Rippon Emma's Block  320

2008 Rippon Emma's Block 1500ml  760

Tinker’s Field is a gentle, north-facing slope formed by an ancient ejection cone of coarse schist gravels. Tinker’s Field is home to the oldest vines on the property. Displaying serious structure and firm tannin rarely seen from this part of the world. Compressed, powerful and seemingly endless length. Thought-provoking Pinot!

2015 Rippon Tinker’s Field  280

2013 Rippon Tinker’s Field Bequest  330

2013 Rippon Tinker’s Field  280

2012 Rippon Tinker’s Field  425

2013 Rippon Tinker’s Field Mature Vines Bequest  330

2008 Rippon Tinker’s Field 1500ml  840




Illustration by Belinda Aucott in collaboration with Aria