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Aria’s wine list is one of the most awarded in Australia, showcasing the finest wines this country has to offer as well as an eclectic mix from all over the world. With a truly authentic and diverse list including boutique producers, cult heroes and rising stars, ours is a wine journey that you will never forget.


Our Head Sommelier Salvatore Persico leads a team of diverse sommeliers overflowing with gumption and a strong passion for wine. 


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Indulge in the exquisite taste of our selection, starting with the timeless classic Chardonnay, a perfect companion to any occasion with its rich flavours and elegant profile. Venture into the realm of Premium Grenache from Australia, evolving over time to offer boldness and complexity, ideal for those craving depth and character in every sip. Delve into the captivating world of Italian Volcanic wines, delivering a unique terroir-driven experience with a diverse array of styles and bottle sizes to cater to every palate.


Each glass offers a glimpse into nature's artistry and the unwavering passion of skilled winemakers, encapsulating the essence of true craftsmanship.


Chardonnay stands out as the ultimate in versatility among grape varieties. Its remarkable ability to thrive in diverse climates and respond to different winemaking methods has earned it a cherished place among wine aficionados globally. Will you be drawn to the robust fruit expression and seamless integration with French Oak of the 2022 By Farr Chardonnay? Or perhaps the benchmark cool, crisp, and mouth-watering qualities of the 2021 Domaine Billaud Simon Chablis are more aligned with your preferred style of Chardonnay grape?

Premium Grenache

In Australia, there is a very clear picture of Premium Grenache emerging. While the variety belongs to several places in the country, it is rules by only one McLaren Vale, South Australia. Yangarra is a Single-vineyard estate situated in the north-east of the McLaren Vale. High Sands Grenaches are the Pinnacle of the estate. Reaching deep within the sandy soil, planted 1946 old wines produce wines that is unerringly elegant and svelte, polished, expressive and effortless. It sails through the mouth, it is Sensational. Australia Grenache - A Diverse Spectrum of Excellence.

Volcanic Wines

Italian Volcanic wines represent a hidden treasure in the wine world. Mount Etna is Europe’s tallest active volcano, with vineyards found swooping around its eastern slopes like a belt from North to South. Etna’s overall soil is a mix of decomposed lava, ash, and sand, as result of eruption dating back millennia. Here the Nerello Mascalese grape finds its home. It produces distinctive and fragrantly mineral-tinged wines which are deeply tied to their unique place of origin.