cocktail menu


awaken the senses with the flavours of vibrant autumn produce and artisanal spirits & mixers 


Seasonal G&T... Aria's riff on Gin & Tonic | 24

bombay sapphire gin, passionfruit, cucamelon vinegar, fever-tree tonic water


Eminence Spritz | 23

guava macerated sauvignon blanc, aperol, fig leaf, pineapple vinegar


Cocano | 23

coconut infused campari, martini rosso, coconut, fever-tree soda


Aira | 26

brix white, heiwa shuzo yuzushu sake, lychee, coconut


Opera Martini | 28

hendrick's gin, chartreuse V.E.P, chamomile vermouth


Smoked Margarita | 25

smoked patron silver tequila, cointreau, black salt


La Juive | 25

bombay bramble gin, de kuyper apricot brandy, queen garnet plum


Revelation | 26

gospel solera rye whisky, martini rosso vermouth, luxardo maraschino cherries, cascara


Grand Finale | 32

grey goose vodka, mr. black coffee liqueur, onyx cold brew coffee, sourdough and tonka bean ice-cream




empirical spirits

From the Copenhagen based distillery, founded by former 'Noma' alumni, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen. This unique spirit is forged from local heirloom barley, koji (cultured rice) and aromatic Belgian saison yeast distilled in a futuristic vacuum still at a very low temperature to preserve the most delicate flavours and complexities possible. Try them neat, over ice or with our recommended serving suggestion.



Helena | 19 

served with curry leaf and fever-tree yuzu soda


Plum I Suppose | 19 

served with garnet plum, pineapple vinegar, fever-tree soda water





Tosca | 15
lychee, makrut lime, soda water

Prelude | 15
yuzu marmalade, cloudy apple, lemon

Prima Donna | 15
queen garnet plum, pineapple vinegar, soda