krug x music  


what we hear materially influences how we taste. 

In collaboration with Krug Champagne and Bang & Olufsen, guests enjoyed a tasting experience like no other. 


From 1 - 30 September, guests experienced what happens when the art of music meets the art of Krug, exploring the perfect balance between sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.


The experience included one glass of Krug Grande Cuveé with two canapes designed by Executive Chef Joel Bickford, whilst listening to a special curation of music by 'Krug Lover' musicians. 


Dishes were a careful balance of salty and savoury, crunchy and soft, mild and strong, created to test out the effect of the music on the food and enhance the taste and effervescence of the accompanying Krug Grande Cuveé Champagne. 

"There is some deep correspondence between the taste in the mouth, the bouquet on the nose and the music that one hears. We found that people will rate the [wine-drinking experience] 15% more enjoyable when we play the matching music, than if you have no music, and they like that wine-drinking experience even less if we play the mis-matching music."

- Pr. Charles Spence